Day 13

It’s Day 13, and I have still been 100% on plan, 100% of the time.

I’m proud of myself this week.  I had to have a night away from home, at a hotel, and normally that would have been an excuse to eat crap (ie burgers and fries) and drink lager and wine.  This time, I deliberately chose a hotel so that I could have a swim after work, and checked ahead to see what was on the menu.  There was very little Slimming World friendly food on the hotel’s menu, so I found a nearby restaurant that would do me a fillet steak and a salad.  In the end, I had the steak with new potatoes and oven roasted vegetables, and although there was a little oil on the veggies and so it won’t have been Syn-Free, it was still so much better than my old choices would have been.  I had a Diet Coke and some water with it – still no alcohol has passed my lips!

The following day, I had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel – grapefruit segments followed by some ham and a small portion of Edam cheese, and then poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and baked beans, and a little more ham.  I then walked to a Subway about 10 minutes away and got myself a chicken tikka salad with some of their sweet onion sauce (1.5 Syns per portion).  I’d never had a Subway salad before, but I’ll definitely have another – it’s going to be a bit of a lifesaver when I’m away with work and can’t cook anything for myself!

Other meals I’ve enjoyed this week have been a delicious chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto, Parma ham wrapped cod, and honey and mustard salmon served with mashed potato, spinach and cherry tomatoes.

The week ahead will see me having jerk chicken with rice and peas this evening, beef and aubergine bake, pork pad thai, salmon with courgettes and potatoes, chicken chasseur, and seared turkey escalopes with sage, lemon and bacon.  I’m already looking forward to all of it!

I’m continuing with the Body Magic – I swam another 1km this morning and am doing well with my Channel Swim challenge.  Up over 14 miles now, less than 8 to go – I can do this!

Weigh in is tomorrow – I’m hoping that I might get my half stone award – imagine that – an award within the first two weeks!  That would be AMAZING!


Ignoring the scales

Hands up who has never weighed themselves at home in between their Slimming World groups…

To anyone who has genuinely never done this – I salute you!  You have some amazing willpower going on there!

As for me – it’s something I’ve always done, although I don’t entirely know why.  I know that weight fluctuates from day to day and that it’s far better to weigh just once a week, but I’ve never quite been able to stop myself from having a quick check.  Of course, when that check reveals a loss, no matter how small, it’s great.  But then there are other times when they either show a maintain or a gain, and that can have the effect of throwing us off plan completely.

Since Monday, I have Food Optimised perfectly – I have been 100% on plan, 100% of the time.  I have exercised, I have watched my Syns, and I have done everything as I should do.  I’ve also weighed myself each morning.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the scales showed that I was losing nicely.  Yesterday there was another small loss, but then this morning, a gain.  Still lower than they said on Monday morning, but higher than they said yesterday.

I was feeling a bit annoyed, to be honest.  I’ve done everything I should do, and yet wasn’t seeing a consistent trend.  And then I put my jeans on.  Freshly washed jeans, that, the last time I wore them, were so tight I felt as though they were going to cut off my circulation.  This morning, they not only fit, but there was actual room to spare in them.

Cue a moment of revelation.  The scales don’t always reflect the whole picture (I’ve read this so many times, but have always thought ‘yes, but…’).  The scales don’t know whether you’re a little dehydrated one morning, a little bloated the next morning, or holding some extra fluid the morning after that.  They can’t differentiate between muscle and fat.  They don’t always tell you the truth.  This morning, they were telling me I’d put on a little weight, whereas my jeans were telling me a different story.

I choose to believe the jeans.  And I’m binning the scales when I get home.

Confession Time…

Hello, my name’s Janine, and I’ve been a Very Bad Slimming World Member over the past…  Well, I was going to say ‘year and a bit’, but in all honesty it’s been a lot longer than that.

Let’s roll the clock back to 2012.  I joined Rachel’s Monday night group in May, and just didn’t look back.  The weight kept dropping off me, and before I knew it I was nearly 4.5 stone down.  And then I became a consultant and changed to a Tuesday group.  It didn’t feel that it had quite the same fit, and I lost my mojo a little, and eventually started weighing at my own group instead.  At the same time, an old school friend had got in touch via Facebook because he’d seen me checking in at the gym, and he had an offer going with Prudential where you would get health insurance and all kinds of rewards for attending the gym and being more active.  It sounded so good, and I was keen to sign up. And then he rang me at work one lunch time, and said that Prudential wouldn’t cover me for the cost he’d quoted, because (in his words), I was obese.  I can’t even describe how that made me feel.  All those weeks and months of effort, all that weight I’d lost, and here was someone telling me it still wasn’t enough, and I was still obese.  Either way, I completely lost my way, Slimming World wise at that point.

At the time, I gave myself the excuse that it was because I was now a consultant.  Everyone had told me that it was more difficult to keep losing weight because your focus is on your members and not on yourself, and so I told myself that no-one was expecting me to do well any more.  Looking back now, I think it was a combination of that and what Nicholas had said about me being obese, if I’m entirely honest.  The obese comment really stung – it was actually years before I could tell anyone apart from my mum, and those who were in the office at the time and heard my reaction.

The consultant thing didn’t go so well – it was so hard to focus on growing the group when working full-time, and after about nine months I gave it up and was looking forward to being a member again.  Except I never really got that mojo back, and I’ve kept on gaining weight, until I’ve reached the point where I’m probably a stone heavier than I was when I first joined in 2012.

Enough is enough.

Last Monday I decided to rejoin, and I went along to the group nearest to me.  It was a disaster – there were only eight people at Image Therapy, no atmosphere, no food talk, no motivation.  I was sitting beside someone who’s lost 7 stone and that might have motivated me but for the fact that she was so busy ordering a pizza on her phone that she didn’t realise she’d won Slimmer of the Week!

So I’m not going back to that group.  Instead, tonight, I’m going back to where it all began, with Rachel on a Monday night.  And this time I have to do it.  This is the last chance saloon for me with Slimming World.  If I can’t get my head back into it this time, I don’t know what I’ll do.

So that’s it – confessions done.  Now it’s time to put on my positive pants and crack on.  I can do this!