Ignoring the scales

Hands up who has never weighed themselves at home in between their Slimming World groups…

To anyone who has genuinely never done this – I salute you!  You have some amazing willpower going on there!

As for me – it’s something I’ve always done, although I don’t entirely know why.  I know that weight fluctuates from day to day and that it’s far better to weigh just once a week, but I’ve never quite been able to stop myself from having a quick check.  Of course, when that check reveals a loss, no matter how small, it’s great.  But then there are other times when they either show a maintain or a gain, and that can have the effect of throwing us off plan completely.

Since Monday, I have Food Optimised perfectly – I have been 100% on plan, 100% of the time.  I have exercised, I have watched my Syns, and I have done everything as I should do.  I’ve also weighed myself each morning.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the scales showed that I was losing nicely.  Yesterday there was another small loss, but then this morning, a gain.  Still lower than they said on Monday morning, but higher than they said yesterday.

I was feeling a bit annoyed, to be honest.  I’ve done everything I should do, and yet wasn’t seeing a consistent trend.  And then I put my jeans on.  Freshly washed jeans, that, the last time I wore them, were so tight I felt as though they were going to cut off my circulation.  This morning, they not only fit, but there was actual room to spare in them.

Cue a moment of revelation.  The scales don’t always reflect the whole picture (I’ve read this so many times, but have always thought ‘yes, but…’).  The scales don’t know whether you’re a little dehydrated one morning, a little bloated the next morning, or holding some extra fluid the morning after that.  They can’t differentiate between muscle and fat.  They don’t always tell you the truth.  This morning, they were telling me I’d put on a little weight, whereas my jeans were telling me a different story.

I choose to believe the jeans.  And I’m binning the scales when I get home.

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