Old habits die hard

After enjoying my beef chilli for dinner last night, I was very much looking forward to having some leftovers for today’s lunch, topped with a Healthy Extra portion of 30g Cheddar cheese.

This morning, I cut a bit off the block of cheese and weighed it.  It was very slightly over 30g, and so I cut it down again, to get it to the right weight.  Going on habit, my hand was nearly to my mouth for me to actually eat the bit I’d just chopped off, before I realised what I was doing!  I was happy that I’d caught myself, and Maisie (spaniel) was happy that she got an extra bit of cheese!

It just reminded me, though, of the importance of weighing and measuring Healthy Extras, to protect weight loss.  It’s often the first thing that slips – a little nibble of cheese here, an extra splash of milk there, or a slightly larger piece of bread…  It’s so easily done, and if you add up those extra Syns over the course of a week they could make a massive difference!

Day 2

Yesterday was another good Slimming World day.

I started with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast, and for lunch had a 60g wholemeal roll filled with cooked turkey and cucumber, as I needed something easy due to being away with work for the day.

When I’d finished work I went for a 1.2km swim in the gym’s outdoor pool (which I had all to myself – bonus!), and I was massively craving an orange when I finished.  I hadn’t had an orange for ages, and I enjoyed every mouthful!

Dinner was beef chilli with rice – it’s a Syn-free recipe which is packed with speed food (chestnut mushrooms, mixed peppers, onion, garlic, and tomatoes), but I shared a 40g bag of Doritos Chilli Heatwaves, so counted 5 Syns for that (it’s 9.5 for the bag).

After dinner I was so full that I didn’t need to have anything else, and so ended the day on 5 Syns.

Check out my Instagram feed for photos of yesterday’s food!

I’m loving being back on plan so far!